Cell Phone Tripod Mount - Mini & Super Flexible!

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With this Cell Phone Tripod Mount  you'll be able to take the best selfies ever!

Forget the old selfie-stick, now you can get the full potential of your selfies and even group photos.

It's one of the best tripod phone mounts that you can find at an affordable price.
The secret? Versatility!

Was made to fit a wide variety of the most trending smartphones and can be attached to awesome spots!

Maybe you want attach this super flexible Cell Phone Tripod Mount to a tree so you can take aerial photos or maybe want attach it to your bicycle and take pictures on the way!

There's infinite possibilities, infinite angles.

Cell Phone Tripod Mount's details:
Material: Plastic + Sponge
Tripod Size: 18,5 x 4,2 x 3,5 cm
Cell Phone Holder Size: 5,5 cm - 8,5 cm (extension)
Content Include: Tripod + Stand Holder Mount

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