Runaway Alarm Clock

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Do you find yourself often saying the unaccountable phrase, "My alarm must not have gone off" or "I must have turned it off in my sleep"?

Well, for all of you not-so-early birds who hate alarms, this is the alarm that you are going to love to hate!

Unlike other clocks that you can easily hit the snooze button and fall back  asleep, the Runaway Alarm Clock makes sure you get out of bed!

How it works: 

The alarm goes off once, but if you hit snooze Clocky jumps off your nightstand (up to 3 feet) and wheels around your room looking for a place to hide before it sounds the alarm a second time. The snooze time can be set from 0-9 minutes, so if you set it at 0 Runaway Alarm Clock runs right away.

Nothing like a little hide-and-seek to get you going in the morning!