7 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Station

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This educational toy 7 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Station kit encourages your future scientist to exercise their sense of creativity and imagination!

Create 2 power charging stations and five different vehicles including a Solar Car, Concept Car, Bulldozer, Dump Truck and Concept Racer, for a total of 7 transformations.

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The 7 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Station has 2 output plugs: one for solar recharging and the other for battery recharging.

The battery charging station can bring the selected unit to full power in about 5 seconds and the solar recharging station will fully recharge in approximately 120 seconds and will run approximately 50 to 80 seconds.

Recommend age:
+7 years
Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 17.5 inches 

Shipping time to USA: up to 7 days