PlayZoo - Baby Crib Interactive Toy Set

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Want to do when your baby needs to be entertained 

We brought the solution and it's called PlayZoo!
An interactive toy set for baby crib that features animal cartoons and geometric shapes all over it.

Did we mentioned interactive? You are right! Every different animal produces a different sound when pressed!

And that's not all! Comes with a built-in mirror so your baby can recognize himself as soon as possible. For newborns, it'll take time for sure, babies only starting getting an accurate vision at 7 months old but you can rest assured that it'll arouse his curiosity.

Interactive toys are the best way to boost your child's creativity and the sooner the better.

Made of polyester and cotton, measures 36.2"x 5.51" (92x14 cm), and is recommended for babies up 24 months old.